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Punta Duarte Gardens

Titled beach and ocean view lots for sale in Panama.
450 acres of scenic views and natural beauty. 

If you're looking for beach front or ocean view properties in Panama, Punta Duarte Gardens has the most spectacular views in the area, along with private, safe, clean and secluded beaches.

Beach at Punta Duarte Gardens, Veraguas, Panama. The best place for retirement.
 Connect to 3 beaches.

Punta Duarte Gardens is located in the Golden Coast of Panamas on the western shore of the Azuero Peninsula in Veraguas, Panama, about one hour drive south of Santiago, just past Torio. This 450 acre (about 170 hectares), titled ocean view hideaway of outstanding natural beauty includes gentle rolling hills, rich mountain backdrops and many spectacular ocean views on the peninsula of Azuero, at the point of Punta Duarte. Panama's Gold Coast is located south of Santiago, and ends at the southern tip of Azueros with the National Park Cerro Hoya.

View from Punta Duarte to Playa Morillo, Veraguas, Panama

Overlooking the Golfo de Montijo from a beach view lot in Punta Duarte

Interior of existing house

House on a ocean view lot

Pool on a beach front lot in Punta Duarte

Interior of existing house

Interior of existing house in Punta Duarte Entrance of a house at Punta Duarte

The lot sizes are a minimum of 1 acre and the prices depend on the size and location.
 Prices start at US$ 80.500

Dawn at Morillo beach in Veraguas Panama Morillo beach a surfers paradise Playa Duarte, Veraguas, Panama


Owner statement

Punta Duarte Gardens is a private project. Please do not expect a master-planned development. Please do not expect a master planed development. After being in stressful management positions in Germany for a long time we decided to make a lifestyle change, and came to Panama to live in the beauty of the tropics, in Punta Duarte Gardens with its nature and beauty . We are happy we found this perfect place a little more than 1 hour south of Santiago. Punta Duarte Gardens consists of 450 acres of rolling hills with great 270 degrees ocean views and almost 1 mile of titled beach front.  The land is connected to 3 beaches.

Please enjoy our site. Have a look at our photo galleries showing the land, the beaches, the nature and activities, and some current construction sites.

If you're interested in 1 acre lots or larger, embedded into nature, please come and visit us. We recommend an overnight stay to get a better feel for the beauty of the land and its surroundings.

Gaby and Peter Huss

Phone:  (507) 6070 8356 or
Phone:  (507) 6152 7817

Peter und Gaby
PS: Don't forget to have a look at the gorgeous sunsets that you can only find on the Gold Coast of Panama!


Fantastic sandy beaches alternate with rugged lava beaches and tropical forests. The widely traveled will be reminded of Manuel Antonio in Costa Rica or Hawaii. The area was long forgotten and developed only in recent years.

The 1.5 km oceanfront of the property offers marvelous beaches separated by cliffs where the surrounding hills submerge into the Pacific Ocean. It is a peaceful tropical environment and absolutely amazing!

You can see the islands of Coiba and Cebaco, the beautiful Golfo de Montijo, and to the south the Cerro Hoya National Park

Ocean view property at Punta Duarte, Veraguas, Panama

Two national parks, the island of Coiba and Cerro Hoya are close by. Punta Duarte Gardens offers beautiful views of the Golfo de Montijo to the west and hills with mild slopes in front of the central mountain range to the east.

View from an ocean view lot in direction to the National Park Cerro Hoya

The distant central mountain range with altitudes of approx. 1000 m ends at its southern-most point with Cerro Hoya (1500 m).

Punta Duarte Beach Gardens is on the western shore of the Azuero Peninsula. Wonderful sunsets over the island of Cebaco can be enjoyed almost every day.

Sun set from a ocean view lot at Panamas Gold Coast, Punta Duarte, Veraguas

Sun set from a ocean view lot at Panamas Gold Coast, the place with the best sun sets.

Sun set from a ocean view lot at Panamas Gold Coast, Punta Duarte, Veraguas

A part of the property is pasture land with fruit trees (coconut, guava, lime, orange, mango, avocado, etc), a few head of horses, freshwater streams, numerous springs and a reforestation project. The reforestation project consists of 15,000 Guayacan, Mahogany and Roble trees that cover about 50 acres of the property. There are also hundreds of acacias, palm trees and tulip trees planted along the roadsides.

Horses at Punta Duarte Gardens

Reforestation Project Punta Duarte Gardens - GliricidiaReforestation Project Punta Duarte Gardens. Mostly planted guayacan (ironwood)Reforestation Project Punta Duarte Gardens, thousands of roble are planted on the property.


Punta Duarte Gardens has a fabulous wildlife. Birds (pelicans, toucans) and monkeys are frequent visitors.

Capuchin monkeies are frequent visitors in Punta Duarte Gardens

Colibris can been seen around the houses all day.

The coast bordering Punta Duarte Gardens belong to the best fishing grounds in the world.

The ocean bordering Punta Duarte Gardens offers first class fishing grounds. The coast is currently a hot spot for fishermen and people looking for the natural beauty of the Gold Coast. Two national parks, the island of Coiba and Cerro Hoya are close by.
Enjoy activities such as fishing, surfing, snorkeling, hiking, horseback riding, bird watching and diving. Watch whales, monkeys, pheasants, toucans, parrots, just in front of your house.

Jogging at the beaches of the pacific coast around Punta Duarte Gardens

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Phone:  (507) 6070 8356 or
Phone:  (507) 6152 7817